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Take control of your life

Transformational coaching that gets you where you want to be

Are you holding yourself back?

Are you being held back by self-doubt or low confidence, waking up in the middle of the night, wondering whether you said the right thing during that meeting?


Exhausted from working endless hours and yet never feeling like you’ve done a good enough job, secretly feeling like an imposter when success comes your way, convinced that you don’t deserve it?

Avoiding conflict at all costs you would rather walk over shattered glass than voice an opposing opinion? Find yourself saying yes to every request even though you’re already over-stretched and feeling overwhelmed? 

If you recognise yourself in any of the above descriptions, you're in the right place.

How would it feel to be free from these limitations, to feel confident and empowered, and to experience more energy, ease and flow in your life?  

Rachel Gilbert Coach

Let me help you

Hello, I’m Rachel Gilbert and firstly thank you for stopping by – it’s lovely to meet you.


I’m a certified empowerment and mindset coach, and I’m on a mission to help women rediscover themselves and their unique gifts, regain their inner confidence and unleash their potential. In short: to shine.


I’ve seen too many highly talented women over the years holding themselves back, doubting themselves and playing small while they dream of bigger things, yearning to lead a more fulfilling, happier life. One where they feel authentic, centred and more sure of themselves.


To be honest, who among us hasn’t been stalled or undermined by that pesky voice – known as our inner critic – or experienced a wave of self-doubt that causes us to wobble at times. 


I’m here to say we don’t need to give power to these feelings and thoughts. There is another way.

Experience the power of coaching

Whether you’re dealing with self-doubt, low confidence, a strong inner critic, poor boundaries, people pleasing, struggling with perfectionism, stuck in analysis paralysis or simply know that you have more to offer the world, that you would like to make a bigger impact – if only you would dare to, I can help.  


I’ll get you unstuck and moving forward with renewed energy and confidence using transformational coaching tools and methodologies – designed by women for women – and powerful NLP techniques, as well as calling on my own experience and deep sense of intuition. 


You’ll get crystal clear about what you would like to have or experience in your life, learn to uncover and access your inner resources and free yourself from the limiting beliefs, blocks and fears that are holding you back. 


You’ll step into your power, feel strong and grounded and able to respond to what life or work throws at you with poise and elegance. 


Together we’ll go on a journey of awareness and exploration where you’ll gain fresh perspectives and discover new, more empowering ways of thinking. I’ll challenge you, hold you accountable, celebrate your wins and support you with love and compassion as you move towards your goals – ones that are fully aligned with your values. 


Are you ready to free yourself, create momentum, unlock your full potential and live the impactful, brilliant life you are meant to live? It’s time to welcome a world of possibilities! 

Working with me

I offer one-to-one coaching specifically designed to support women like you, tailored to your unique needs.

You can choose a one-off coaching session to support you in managing a particular challenge or opportunity where it’s helpful to gain a new perspective and clarity. Alternatively you can opt for a package of 6 or 12 one-to-one coaching sessions, ideal for when you’re looking to make significant shifts and experience deeper, lasting change.


Each session lasts for 60 mins and we meet weekly or bi-weekly via Zoom, at a date and time that fits your schedule. 


Not sure what’s right for you? Let’s have an informal, no-obligation chat.

Rachel Gilbert Coach

“Rachel created an environment of trust and openness that made it easier to identify and confront challenges, in order to help me reach my goals.”

“I cannot express in words how much I have valued my time working with Rachel. I feel more confident, valued and motivated.”

“Rachel has given me life-changing strategies to help with confrontational or difficult conversations and with her I have developed my ability to say ‘no’ and for this I am forever grateful.”

What my clients say

One of many Certified Womens Coach
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