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Confidence, what is it and how can you cultivate it?

Confidence, what is it? I was pondering this question recently.

I think that confidence is about trusting yourself. It's trusting your abilities, trusting that you’re able to handle a task or a challenge.

This trust needs to be cultivated. The problem is we're good at telling ourselves negative stories that do just the opposite and that eat away at our self-trust.

We might tell ourselves that other people are simply born confident, which can be a convenient excuse to avoid doing something that feels uncomfortable, risky or difficult. Or we delay taking action, saying: “I’ll do it when I have more confidence”.

However, and here’s the rub, confidence increases in doing. Confidence is a result, not a prerequisite. When you step outside of your comfort zone, doing something new, or something that you find a little scary, your confidence will naturally grow.

So, if you want more confidence, what can you do? 

🌟 Accept that confidence can be cultivated 

🌟 Become aware of the stories you are telling yourself 

🌟 Change those stories

🌟 Do something that stretches you (even a little)

If you'd like some coaching support in cultivating more confidence, drop me a message or book a free call.

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