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What are you tolerating?

“What are you tolerating?”

I recently came across this question. It certainly makes you think, doesn’t it? 

Probably it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. I know in the past this question would definitely have triggered a strong reaction in me.  

It might be something small that doesn't seem worth tackling right now. Or perhaps it’s something huge and it feels too scary to do something about.

But fast forward to 5 years from today, or even to next year. How does it feel if nothing has changed? What is the cost of doing nothing?  

This post today is a chance for you to acknowledge if something (big or small) needs to change. Write it down – even if it’s a few words on a post-it note for your eyes only. 

If you feel inspired to change something and to share your intention here, write it in the comments. It can be just one word that only you understand. But you’ll know. 

And you will have taken the first (most important) step to changing something for yourself, and perhaps for your friends and family too.

So, what are you tolerating?

If you'd like some coaching support in making the changes you need to make to create the life you want, drop me a message or book a free call.

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