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What’s missing when you leave the room?

What’s missing when you leave the room?

I love this question as it acknowledges that there is something special that each of us brings to any situation. It could be knowledge or specific skills acquired through experience or formal learning. It could be wisdom, an inner knowing, pure instinct, something that you do that comes naturally and requires little or no effort, but that appears almost magical to others. It could be the way you create rapport, how you make people feel, the way you inspire and embolden those around you. Then there are the intangible qualities, that get registered beyond the intellect that can be sensed but not explained, a feeling, an energy.

Each of us brings a special blend of skills, knowledge, experience, wisdom, style, energy and magic that is unique.

So, think about it. What is missing when you leave the room?

If you'd like some coaching support in identifying your special blend or superpower and how to harness it, drop me a message or book a free call.

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