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Coaching for expats

So, you’ve moved abroad, or are about to embark on an overseas adventure. Perhaps you’ve accepted an exciting international assignment. Or the move may have been brought about by your partner’s job. For many (myself included), you responded to your soul’s marching orders, knowing it was time for change and a new adventure. 


Exciting and rewarding as expat life may be, leaving the comfort of a familiar setting with family and established friends and having to navigate cultural differences and unfamiliar social norms can trigger a roller-coaster of uncomfortable emotions.


Feelings of doubt, frustration or isolation can arise together with the sensation of “losing yourself”, as you adapt to your new setting and try to fit in, especially if you’re struggling to make yourself understood in a new language. 


Indeed, relocating to another country will challenge and test you in more ways than you can imagine. It will force you to dig deep into your inner reserves where you’ll discover resources you didn’t even know you possessed. In short: you’ll be moving out of your comfort zone.


However, this is where the really powerful, juicy stuff happens. You’re about to be offered the ultimate opportunity to fast track your personal transformation, if you choose to. You get to write the next chapter of your life – complete with colourful sub-plots and twists. You have an opportunity to recreate your story and share it with an amazing new supporting cast in a fresh setting.


Luckily you don’t need to do it alone. 


I’m a certified empowerment and mindset coach. I’m also an expat. I understand the challenges – I’ve lived them, I’ve overcome them. 


I firmly believe that we each have immense power and with the right mindset and willingness to grow we can change our lives for the better and be truly limitless. 


Drawing on my experience working over 20 years abroad, from senior roles in large corporations to having my own consulting and coaching businesses, I’ll give you practical tools and techniques to help you make useful shifts and support you as you unlock your inner resilience and other powerful resources so that you can build a happy, fulfilling life abroad and thrive in your new environment – while staying true to yourself. 

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