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What my clients say

“I cannot express in words how much I have valued my time working with Rachel. I feel more confident, valued and motivated.  I have had several comments since our sessions, from both colleagues and friends, that attest to this. I feel that Rachel’s coaching has been instrumental in this and I would highly recommend her life-coaching sessions.”

“Working with Rachel was a great experience. She has an ideal blend of skills for coaching - she balances understanding and warmth with the ability to pose thought-provoking questions while holding me accountable for my actions. Rachel created an environment of trust and openness that made it easier to identify and confront challenges, in order to help me reach my goals.”

“I worked with Rachel to help plan a career change but to also help with my fear of confrontation and difficult situations in both a professional and personal environment. I was struggling to make and follow through with decisions and to believe in my own capabilities.”

“I felt extremely relaxed with Rachel’s style. She is patient, insightful and always very welcoming at the start of our sessions, which instantly put me at ease. Rachel listened intently and asked me questions that would often challenge me to think about why I was struggling to make decisions and why I was anxious to make changes to my career. She has helped put a framework into place to help me achieve my goals and to guide my thinking, especially to take on a more positive approach.”

“I have learnt through our sessions that I can be quite a perfectionist and therefore I don’t take risks or challenge myself. Through different types of exercises and reflection techniques, Rachel supported me to evaluate my values and to put these first. She reflected the simple truth back in a calm and perceptive manner.  Now with her help, I now have strategies to deal with failures or mistakes and she has really taught me to appreciate my strengths in any circumstance.”

“Rachel has given me life-changing strategies to help with confrontational or difficult conversations and with her I have developed my ability to say ‘no’ and for this I am forever grateful.”

One of many Certified Womens Coach
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